Zante beach in Greece hit by tonnes of rock falling from cliff

by on 14 Σεπτεμβρίου 2018

Rescue services with sniffer dogs search for possible victims after landslide at packed tourist beach

British holidaymakers have described scenes “like Dunkirk” after tonnes of rock fell from a cliff face on to a packed tourist beach on the Greek island of Zante.

Lynette Bridges, 58, from Hordon-on-the Hill in Essex, said her tour boat had just pulled up to the popular Shipwreck Beach when an enormous sheet of stone crashed into the sea, capsizing boats and flooding the crowded beach.

“We started to hear this almighty cracking sound and the first lot came down quickly followed by the second lot,” she said.

“The noise and the sound and the amount of rock that came down was unbelievable.

 “It was like Dunkirk, all these people coming to the edge of the water, all these boats of people coming to get them and all this panic.”

Video footage of the moment showed the rock split and drop on to the shore, sending up a cloud of dust and speeding waves inland over tourists.

Sharon Robinson Palmer, also 58 and from Essex, said there were people snorkelling and sunbathing near the limestone cliffs when the landslide struck.

Rescue services with sniffer dogs are searching the beach for possible victims.

Josh O’Connell, from Kilkenny in Ireland, estimated there were more than a dozen tourist boats in the bay, and between four and five hundred people in the area.

The 21-year-old, who works for a tour company on the island, said: “The rock that fell, oh gosh, it would be like a four-storey building falling on to the beach.”

The weight of the rock sent a small tsunami on to the crowded sands, he said, as families scrambled to reach safety.

He continued: “I thought more was coming and, with the size of the waves coming towards me, I just started running.

“The water hit my feet with such force that it knocked me on to my back and covered over half of the beach.”

He described the aftermath as chaos, with families and children running to reach safety on the boats.

The coastguard said everyone who had visited the beach on tourist boats had been accounted for.

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