Why Greeks question this role model’s credentials

by on 20 September 2019

She has won awards and accolades, and has been feted internationally for her scientific work, but now a woman hailed as one of Greece’s youngest and brightest minds has come under more intense scrutiny than ever before.

The rise and possible fall of Eleni Antoniadou, 31, has become the subject of intense discussion among Greeks.

For years she has been giving interviews portraying herself as a researcher working for Nasa; an expert on regenerative medicine; a maker of cutting-edge artificial organs; a passionate activist against organ trafficking; and a trainer of astronauts.

But it seems that not a single Greek news outlet, out of dozens that have interviewed her, ever bothered to check if everything that had been attributed to her was entirely accurate.

The tipping point came earlier this month when Greek Education Minister Niki Kerameus handed Ms Antoniadou an award at a privately organised event for her contribution to science.

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