UBS: Avoid Greece and sell Greek bonds…

by on 8 November 2019

A warning is being issued by the Swiss bank UBS regarding Greece and Greek bonds. UBS comes out today with a report.

The upgrades of the countries’ ratings internationally will continue in the coming period, and this also applies to Greece, which is not expected to be “invested” within the next 12 months.

Publisher to avoid Greece

In terms of Greek bonds, UBS continues to be very cautious.
It continues to see high long-term credit risks around the country and keeps Greece on the list of issuers to avoid, thus recommending the sale of Greek government bonds that are longer than two years

The yields of Greek bonds do not compensate investors for the fact that Greece is vulnerable to the risk of recession and continued support from international creditors. That is why it recommends investors to avoid Greece and sell all securities over two years …