by on 28 July 2016

It may have been possible in the days of swashbuckling pirates for the individual with a few extra bucks to hide his stash in a chest in the ground beneath a secret palm tree and be reasonably sure that his money was sagely hidden from other pirates like tax collectors, ex-spouses, blackmailing mistresses, suing lawyers and others whose life ambition is to make the rich poor and themselves rich. In today’s world with Switzerland down-grading its secrecy laws and making numbered accounts history and more and more tax havens being infiltrated by foreign governments and their tax departments snoopers, a man’s (or woman’s) hard earned money is no longer his personal business. Every government’s tax-robber-barons want to know all the details so that they can extort in many cases more than 50% of your assets into their tax coffers. Everybody today from tax authorities to lawyers has his proverbial nose up your financial ass.” They work with the belief that they can extort gross amounts of your hard earned money because they have the power to make the rules. And after all, the golden rule states that those who have the gold, rule.

Authorities today look upon anyone who deals in cash, rather than “paper” – checks, money orders and electronic transfers, etc., as a tax evader straight and simple. Walk into most any bank today with a suitcase full of cash and immediately you are presumed a drug dealer, pimp or tax evader. Even trying to set up a bank account with a relatively small amount of cash can be a tricky situation. Cash, because it leaves no paper trail is looked upon the in the banking industry with the same scorn as a virgin at an orgy as is trying to open an account without producing high-powered ID, supplying an address for the record and filling in a detailed questionnaire of employer, marital status, etc.

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