The proposal to suspend 5G in Kalamata City Council was voted in favor

by on 3 December 2019

Proposal of 5G shutdown in Kalamata city council voted in favor, a topic that has long been a source of disruption

At the request of the minority factions of the Kalamata Municipal Council, the issue – which had been designated sixth in a row – was first discussed, with residents in the room wanting to be informed and to express their opinion.

The discussion lasted more than three hours, with Mayor Kalamata in the role of a firefighter trying to calm the climate, even proposing to hold a meeting in Kalamata in early January. If this day were to conclude that 5G is not harmful to the world, the pilot would be prolonged.

Finally, two proposals were put to the vote, the first by the Municipal Authority, referring to the non-renewal of the contract on December 31 and the second requesting the termination of the contract at the end of the year.

The motion to abolish by 16 votes to no, with 13 non-renewed votes cast.

After the announcement of the result, the citizens in attendance celebrated and declared the decision a first victory.