The plan is to drive Turkey out of Syria, drown it in the Mediterranean, strike from within, and stop Turkey…

by on 19 Απρίλιος 2019

The plan is to drive Turkey out of Syria, drown it in the Mediterranean, strike from within, and stop Turkey. Winds will soon develop into a full-fledged storm: the Syrian war must end. The east of the Euphrates in Syria must be purged from terrorists

While we were busy following developments after the March 31 local elections and the “organized election intervention,” which was blatantly a “multinational” operation, incredible developments have been taking place all around Turkey.

From the Balkans to the north of Syria, from the Aegean to the Mediterranean, from the island of Crete to Sudan, from Libya to the Persian Gulf, an extremely insidious plan is being implemented with the aim of limiting Turkey’s area of influence.

Recent activity within our country, new initiatives in the political sphere, and, as a matter of fact, the new outbursts in media, completely overlap with this new wave, this comprehensive plan.

Stop Turkey! We will be encountering more than the sectarian conflict

There are two main reasons behind every organization, every attempt, every intervention, every partnership and every enmity that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are involved in: to stop Turkey, and pave the way for a new tutelage era in the region on behalf of the U.S. and Israel.

These countries, through the UAE’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, act as contractors for Israel and the U.S. in every intervention and everywhere they can reach, from Yemen to Libya, the east of the Euphrates to Sudan, and from Somalia to Qatar.

This situation is in no way in the interest of the Arab people. Their future is being mortgaged, a new colonial period is being formed and, what is worse, the foundations of the “Islamic civil war” are being laid. The Muslim world is being divided into two main campsArab Muslims and non-Arab Muslims through the UAE and Saudi Arabia. This is a new period that will lead to greater destruction than sectarian conflicts.

New intervention format: Take out of Syria, drown in Mediterranean, strike from within…

Those who carried out the July 15, 2016 coup attempt with the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) are trying something new today through Saudi Arabia and the UAE. They want to restrict Turkey’s area of influence, its area of impact; they want to cut off its ties to the world, first isolate it in its region and back it into a tight corner, and then make it kneel with a second intervention from within the country itself.

They want to drive us from the north of Syria, distance us from the Balkans, push us away from the Red Sea, corner us in the Aegean and then drown us in the Mediterranean.

They want to suffocate us with a siege worse than the open attack on July 15. In other words, they want to end the new historic rise before it starts, take under control the will, the political gene that has been shaping history and the region in this area for a millennium, right at a time when it is about to recover. They want to sever our entire ties with the region.

Using Bashir to strike Sudan: ‘Stay away from Turkey.’ Or what?

Let us look at just a piece of the puzzle:

The UAE-Saudi Arabia-Egypt axis initiated a coup in Sudan, of course under U.S. and Israeli protection. They are trying to topple the administration and draw Sudan to the U.S.-Israel “axis.” They are using Omar al-Bashir as an excuse to attack Sudan – just as they used Saddam Hussein to strike Iraq; just as they used the Taliban to strike Afghanistan; just like they used Muammar Gaddafi to destroy Libya.

They told the Khartoum administration, “Cut your ties with Turkey and we will give you millions of dollars.” They said, “Put an end to Turkey’s presence on Suakin Island.” When their offer was rejected, they hit the button. A coup was staged, the military took over the administration, but Sudan refuses to submit to control.

If they succeed, they will divide Sudan for a second time. If the UAE-Saudi intervention succeeds, this country will experience a great disaster. And now, in Khartoum, voices saying, “We do not want the support of the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt ” are rising.

Israel, Saudi, UAE harassment started in Aegean, Mediterranean

An anti-Turkey drill was conducted in the East Mediterranean. The UAE and Israel also joined the Iniohos2019 drill in Greece’s Mora peninsula. F-35s participated in the wargames.

U.S. air forces started assembling their F-35 aircraft at the al-Dafra airbase in the UAE again. In the meantime, the British are heavily building up air fleets at their military base in Cyprus. Also, the incredible diplomatic and military traffic between the UAE, Israel and Saudi Arabia is striking.

As all this is happening, things have started heating up in Libya again. The Saudis and the UAE provided military and financial support to Gen. Hafter to get him to attack Tripoli. They are trying to take control over Libya. The UAE and Saudi Arabia are trying to place both Sudan and Libya under tutelage. In whose name though? The U.S. and Israel!

The S-400 blackmail, blinding Turkey: This is a complete siege.

Again, while all this is happening, the U.S. is positioning THAAD missiles on both the island of Crete and in Romania. It is making deals to renew Greece’s military bases. Israel and the U.S. almost have Greek airspace under its full control.

As all this is happening, the U.S., which announced, “We will withdraw from Syria,” is further settling into the north of the country. Turkey’s intervention east of the Euphrates River is being prevented internally, and from abroad too. Saudi Arabia and the UAE are providing weapons and hundreds of millions of dollars to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The target here is Turkey!

And so the list goes on. The U.S. and Israel are striving to cut Turkey’s ties with the entire region through Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt, blind Turkey with blackmail by means of the S-400s, and keep it all under the radar.

Winds will soon develop into a full-fledged storm: Turkey is at the center.

The wind is being sown at the moment, and soon we will reap storms. A new wave, perhaps the strongest storm after the invasion of Iraq, the Arab Spring is being prepared.

The regional tension being boiled up is so huge, and Turkey is at the center of it all. Turkey has no choice but to carry out the preparations of a multi-front fight at an extraordinary tempo. It must start preparing for an extraordinary defense. Everyone, from the U.S. to Europe, from Israel to the Saudi-UAE axis have made it their priority to “stop Turkey.”

The Syrian war must end

Ankara must take urgent and radical steps to immediately conclude the Syrian war.

It must do whatever is necessary to negate the plan being carried out in northern Syria through terrorist organizations which targets out country, regardless of the cost.

It must find ways to restrict the maneuvering area of “native invaders.”

Because Turkey is the main target of a massive global project. In this sense, no activity inside the country is innocent; this global project cannot achieve anything without its forces in the country. If we know this, they do too.

I personally believe that the Ekrem İmamoğlu project is one of the internal extensions of the global project, from preparing the political leg to post-election maneuvers, from the way the public opinion is formed to adding a “touch of conservatism.”

Ibrahim Karagül

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