RES-ERECTION Tiny penises were ‘sign of intelligence and self-control’ in Ancient Greek times – and could come back into fashion

by on 17 August 2019

THE OLD saying goes that “size doesn’t matter”, but to the raunchy Ancient Greeks, it meant everything.

Experts have revealed that members of the sex-crazed civilisation preferred a small willy over a large one – and predict that pitiful peckers will one day make a comeback.

Speaking to Vice, experts said the Greeks saw a shrunken schlong as a sign of elegance.

“[In Ancient Greek culture,] the proper or beautiful penis is dainty,” explained John Clarke, an ancient erotic art scholar at the University of Texas.

“A human with very large genitalia, especially male genitalia, is considered to be grotesque, laughable.”

This unusual obsession is evident in Greek statues and artwork, where men are often depicted naked with less-than-impressive todgers.

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