Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece’s warning to Meghan Markle to ‘stay away’ from this

by on 29 June 2018

MEGHAN MARKLE, 36, is the Duchess of Sussex and new member of the Royal Family. She has been given a warning by another woman who married into a European royal family, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, 49.

Meghan Markle, a former-actress, married into the British Royal Family on 19 May this year.

The stunning brunette has impressed Britons and members of the Royal Family, if recent news to anything to go by.

Meghan has been out at events with the Queen twice this month.

However, the new royal was given some sage advice and a warning by another European royal back in May.

Marie-Chantal, Crown Princess of Greece, 49, is an outspoken member of her family

She is the wife of Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece, son of King Constantine II of Greece.

Marie-Chantal told Paris Match, a French magazine, her thoughts on Meghan’s marriage to the prince.

She said she “cannot wait to see how Meghan’s role will evolve.”

“I am sure she will have the support of everyone to succeed,” she added.

However, the royal also stated that certain parts of Meghan’s former life will need to be left in the past.

She added: “She will have to move away from the world of celebrities, and Hollywood, to quietly join that of other stars: the Royal Family.

“She is lucky to have a modern and sensitive man at her side. Harry will be there to guide her.”

The royal runs her own international kids clothing company, Marie-Chantal.

The hard-working royal is also on the board of DFS, a a luxury retailer and division of LVMH.

As well as running her own company, she is a mother of five to Maria-Olympia, 21, Constantine-Alexios, 19, Achileas-Andreas, 17, Odysseas-Kimon, 14, and Aristidis-Stavros, 10

Meghan Markle will not be Prince Louis godmother, it has been claimed. 

Despite being the wife of Prince Louis’ uncle, Ladbrokes rated Meghan’s odds at being named godmother as 14/1, with the reason being very simple.

Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes revealed: “It’s near impossible to see Kate and William opting for anyone other than close friends and aides, as they did with George and Charlotte’s godparents. Miguel Head is the one punters are convinced about.”

She added: “Although Meghan is drastically increasing her duties and responsibilities as a Royal, it seems unlikely she will be called upon to be a godparent.”

With Meghan out of the rankings, the highest odds for the godfather role are with Prince William’s private secretary of 10 years, Miguel Head.