INFERNO HELL Greece wildfires – Brit tourists warned to ‘stay indoors’ and switch off air con as Athens is engulfed in black smoke from raging Evia blaze. Pray for Evia !

by on 14 August 2019

BRITISH tourists holidaying in Greece have been warned to shelter indoors and switch off their air con as acrid black smoke chokes Athens from out-of-control wildfires.

More than a thousand firefighters are battling blazes sweeping through the island of Evia, north of the capital, which are being fuelled by strong winds and have forced the evacuation of four villages.

A forest fire broke out in Evia, 70km northeast of the capital, in the early hours of this morning, officials said.

The UK Government has posted on its online travel advice page for Greece that authorities have issued a category 5 (red) wildfire alert as the blaze is “ongoing in the Psachna area of Evia and in the Corianthiakos Bay area of Thiva, north-west of Athens.

“Smoke from the fire on Evia is also affecting Athens.

“Local authorities have advised that anyone with breathing difficulties should remain indoors and switch off air-conditioning units.”

Evia is second in size to Crete and has a mountainous interior, Aegean beaches and a popular spa in the town of Edipsos.

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