by on 11 Οκτωβρίου 2017

Court judgment 2343/2016 of the Court of First Instance of Athens is the biggest slap against the arbitrariness of the banks when the decision states that no borrower owes anything to any bank when it is proved that the bank is responsible for the financial weakness of the borrower … The «loan contract» in such a case violates good morals under Articles 178 and 179 of the CC and is permanently deleted … From that moment on, the «loan agreement» is now considered tort / delict and is permanently deleted while the bank, demanding the repayment of the presumed loan, is committing a fraud under Article 386 of the Criminal Code, while attempting to legalize proceeds of crime … In such a case, as in our case which led to decision 2343 / 2016, the borrower has the right to compensation under Article 914 of the Civil Code and under Article 932 of the Civil Code he also claims the damage he has suffered … !!!

According to decision No 2343/2016, the loan was permanently written off with the acceptance of the opposition and the court additionally considered that the bank owed the borrower at least the sum of 140,000 €. What exactly can this mean for every citizen against each «systemic bank» … ??? We have said and proved that all «systemic banks» (National, Piraeus, Eurobank, Alpha bank) have committed at least 233 billion Euros of public money, resulting in the destruction of both the private and the national economy. Consequently, all «systemic banks» have caused the financial weakness of the Greeks and, on the grounds of irrevocable decision 2343/2016 of the Athens Court of First Instance, none of them can demand repayment of loans from the Citizens when they are responsible for financial failure to repay loans, as with their illegal behavior they have defeated everyone !!! On the other hand, all Citizens are entitled to lawsuits in order to permanently write off their loans from these banks and to demand a very serious indemnity for each …

Banks in the decision No. 2343/2016 did NOT dare to appeal or appeal (see certificate below) and how they could do so when the lawyer who represented them would go straight to jail, violating the duty of Truth, Article 116 of the Code of Civil Procedure


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