GREECE – SOUTH AFRICA – SYRIA: An app that saves lives with three simple words…

by on 11 October 2019

‘I love you’ are perhaps the three words we cherish most. But if you find yourself in danger, especially as a migrant, you might remember another three words that could save your life.

Imagine that you’re stuck in the middle of the open seas and you don’t know how to tell anyone exactly where you are so as to get help. Or you make a mistake, mixing up digits and sending rescue workers to the wrong location. Or you simply don’t understand how to navigate latitudes, longitudes, geo-locations and GPS coordinates.

Even on land, what happens if, in the heat of the moment, you confuse “Park Lane” with “Park Avenue” and you start running out of oxygen, as human traffickers attempt to smuggle you across borders in the back of a truck. Or what if you have to talk code to avoid suspicion by smugglers who might be abusing you?

Many things can go wrong in identifying your location in precarious situations in which migrants and refugees can often find themselves. A new app is trying to minimize the human error factor by upgrading the way in which people communicate about locations.

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