by on 31 May 2016

Various Taiwanese news outlets have been reporting on Greece refusing to grant China Airlines landing permissions, thus forcing the carrier to halt the sale of summer charter flight tickets to Athens.

No air service-agreements have been signed between Taiwan and Greece. However, according to Taiwanese CAA officials, charter flights can be flown as long as governmental approvals are granted.


Some media agencies have been linking this issue to the pro-independence party taking power in Taiwan and China exerting pressure. Another speculation blamed the political and economic chaos in Greece.

CI first applied for the route in March

The airline planned to fly a total of 18 flights during the period between 6/3 and 10/7

At the time both the Greek CAA and Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the decision and saw it as a boost for the Hellenic economy

The Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs also assisted CI in obtaining landing rights

However, a couple of months have passed and the approval has still not been granted

This situation will effect around 1000 passengers

CI and local travel agencies are working hard to send these travelers to Greece through multiple flights