French Dassault Rafale vs US F-35 Lightning II Comparison

by on 13 August 2019

1. Maybe F-35 is better but there is lot tehnicial problems with it and that is reason why it is not in use. F-35 is stealth plane and that is main and only adventage when compared to Rafale.

Both Planes use same AAM and AGM missiles and their radars are on same level, so only adventage is easier detection of target due stealth technology.

2. In close 1-on-1 fight F-35 dont have chance against Rafale. Rafale is more agile, has better thrust to weight ratio and has lot more chance to win.

F-35 can only win if attack Rafale before it detect threat…

3. F-35 RCS is lot lower than Rafale, so in 90% cases Rafale will not see F-35…

Rafale vs F-35 Flight Cost Per Hour

Overall and BVR ratings

BVR (Beyond Visual Range) Ratings

Dogfight (close to medium range) Ratings

Size Comparison