by on 9 May 2016

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Kalamata may be famous for its olives, but there is much more to this picturesque region. Nestled at the foot of Mount Taygetos, surrounded by verdant hills and long sweeping beaches, Kalamata is idyllic. Its turquoise crystalline waters are perfect for bathing, and supply some great seafood for the many traditional cafés and restaurants. But Kalamata is only the starting point for your holiday, as within the Peloponnese peninsula you will find ancient cities waiting to be explored. Gaze in awe at structures that have been standing for thousands of years in Olympia, like the Temple of Zeus. Or visit Mycenae, which features in Homer’s epic poems of life in ancient Greece and the battles of Troy.

Things to do in Kalamata and beyond


Venture north of Kalamata to visit Olympia, the ancient Greek city which hosted the historic Olympic games for over a thousand years. Gaze in awe at the Temple of Zeus, to whom the games were dedicated and visit the stadium, whose track and judges’ platform can still be viewed. Or head into Ancient Mycenae, guarded by the Lion Gate and home to Agamemnon, the king who features in The Iliad, by Homer. Or visit Sparti, formally the powerful Spartan stronghold, whose warriors ruled this region for hundreds of years.


Kalamata and the Peloponnese peninsula is home to the olive, which is also processed into amazing oil, and these local delicacies can be found all over the region. Alongside this, you will find traditional Greek specialities like sheep’s feta, delicious wine and seasonal vegetable stews made from the local produce. Another special is the lagotó – pork cooked in a very garlicky sauce with breadcrumbs and vinegar. Being close to the sea means that there are a lot of superb fish and seafood restaurants, which are not to be missed.


Being at the bottom of a large peninsula Kalamata is surrounded by a large amount of unbelievable coastline. The beaches around the Messinian Gulf, where Kalamata sits, are especially beautiful. The water is crystal clear and ideal for diving, with long stretches of white sand. Another place to visit would be Stoupa, just south of Kalamata, with its secluded beaches and fantastic tavernas serving fresh seafood and delicious local wines. Perfect for a romantic day out, away from the city.


The Peloponnese peninsula is not known for its large array of nightlife, but there are some great bars and clubs to be found. In Kalamata, you will find cocktail bars, taverns and clubs along the seafront and in the centre of town. Try the Agali Beach Bar, a stylish space overlooking the bay. Or hang out in in Bocca with the cool crowd, where they make delicious unique cocktails until late. If you travel further out toward Stoupa, head to To Steki – a brilliant café bar on the esplanade.