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East Thrace, or Eastern Thrace (TurkishDoğu Trakya or simply TrakyaGreek: Ανατολική Θράκη, Anatoliki ThrakiBulgarian: Източна Тракия, Iztochna Trakiya), also known as Turkish Thrace or European Turkey, is the part of the modern Republic of Turkey that is geographically part of Southeast Europe. It accounts for 3% of Turkey’s land area and comprises 14% of Turkey’s total population.[1] The rest of the country is located on the Anatolian peninsula, geographically in Western Asia. East Thrace is of historic importance as it is next to a major sea-based trade corridor. It is currently also of specific geostrategic importance because the sea corridor, that includes two narrow straits, provides access to the Mediterranean from the Black Sea for the navies of five countries: RussiaUkraineRomaniaBulgaria, and Georgia. The region also serves as a future connector of existing Turkish and European high speed rail networks.

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