Beaten and passports thrown away in Greece, 44 Ezidis deported to Erbil

by on 31 October 2018

Several Yezidi (Ezidi) families who sought refuge in Europe were beaten and had their passports thrown away before being deported to the Kurdistan Region through Turkey, the families said on Tuesday.

Five displaced Ezidi families, about 44 individuals, who have lived in an unfinished building in Erbil over the past few years, traveled to Turkey on Sept. 23 and later crossed the Aegean Sea to enter Greece in search of a better future in Europe.

“After staying in Istanbul for 10 days, we crossed the sea and entered Greece,” Khero Ido, one of the Ezidis who was deported with his family, told Kurdistan 24.

“In Greece, border guards arrested us, and they threw away all our bags and passports. The way Greece treated us was not good at all.”

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