Archbishop of Cyprus: “I told Anastasiadis to stop stealing – I put myself in”!

by on 26 January 2021

Disarmingly honest, the Archbishop of Cyprus Chrysostomos appeared before the investigative committee for the “golden passports”. He was asked about his involvement in the naturalization of the internationally wanted Malaysian Joe Lowe, who as soon as he received his passport gave the Church of Cyprus a check for 300,000 euros.

The Archbishop said that after the haircut in 2013, he had gone to the Presidential Palace to meet Nikos Anastasiadis who was “close” to having a stroke. Specifically, Archbishop Chrysostomos said that he mentioned to Nikos Anastasiadis: “President, he understood that there is no solution to the Cyprus issue. The Turk wants everything. Will you give them? Understand that there is no solution to the Cyprus problem. Any solution the next day will collapse. So, there is no solution and you have to tell them clearly. President, look at the economy, but let’s all stop stealing, I put myself in it. “We have to look at the economic issue of our country.” He also said that during his talks with the President of the Republic, he expressed the need to buy, as he said, modern warfare systems, as now the soldier fights not with weapons, but with his IQ.

Referring to his intervention for polling the Malaysian swindler, he said: “I met him at the table and in fact I did not even see the check. I thanked him and told him that the Archdiocese did not need a contribution and that he would accept a contribution for the Theological School, to which other Cypriots have offered a contribution. And I thought he would give around € 15,000. “Then they told me that his contribution was € 300,000”, he added.

Elsewhere in his replies, the Archbishop of Cyprus said that the Bank of Cyprus did not accept the check to be submitted to the Theological School because it had been issued in the name of the Archdiocese and so it was submitted to the Archdiocese and at the same time the Archdiocese issued its own check of the same amount. deposited it the same day in the account of the Theological School.

Regarding his letter of September 1, 2015, in which he asked the then Minister of Interior Socrates Hasikos, that the requests for naturalization of three people be submitted for approval – this word and not for examination – before the Council of Ministers on September 3, 2015, he said that this word used was common.

Answering a question, the Archbishop of Cyprus said that he had learned from the newspapers that Joe Lowe was internationally wanted.

Asked in general about the Church’s relations with the golden passports, he said that many were naturalized following his own suggestion. According to the Archbishop of Cyprus, he was watching this issue from the moment the haircuts were made and saw that the economy was not doing well.

“We lost,” he said, “the biggest investment we had, which was the banks, which had an income of around 9 to 10 million a year from the dividends we spent. They left us only 1% in the Bank of Cyprus and we also lost the Hellenic Bank and we suffered a loss of 128 million euros “.

“Fortunately,” he added, “we had the hotels and we lived from the hotels. I knew we were not doing well and to this day I watch all this mischief that is happening and I say, well they are not ashamed, big favored countries of Europe, Germany, France, Italy, England, give passports and get billions, the poor Cyprus is left now and it is a great sin why it gives passports and it becomes so noisy? And the Republic of Cyprus is dragged away every day by this evil. When the haircut was done we had a problem. In fact, when I asked the President, he was at a very dead end then. In fact, some people told me, you know, go to the Presidential Palace and the President will not have a stroke “.