by on 27 July 2018

A CARTOON about the Greek fire tragedy, published in yesterday’s Advertiser, has caused distress for many of our readers.

It was intended as a tribute to the Greek people – reflecting on the tragedy they now face and their long history of resilience, stoicism and courage in the face of hardship.

But many of you told us you found the cartoon to be offensive, insensitive and in bad taste.

It was never our intention to add to the pain and grief that the Greek community is enduring as a result of the devastating wildfire that has claimed dozens of lives.

We have received strong and direct feedback from the people of Greece, the affected families, the Greek diaspora and the Greek community of South Australia.

We accept we caused offence and, for this, we unreservedly apologise.

As a paper, we have also reached out to local Greek community leaders and offered to do all we can to publicise the fire relief effort and let South Australians know how they can help.